• Testing laboratory approved Tier ISC, RENAR, skills for issuing technical approvals, certificates for activities research and product development in construction.
  • National coverage 1st grade laboratories:

Laboratory tests and Technical approvals for construction products - PROCEMA CERCETARE

Laboratory tests, technical approvals, counceling, development, innovation

With a tradition of over 60 years on the Romanian market, we have developed working in the following areas:

  • Laboratory tests on building materials:
    » steel and steel products for reinforcing concrete (bars, wire and nets)
    » concrete and concrete products (tests on pavers, tiles and curbs)
    » elements for masonry (tests on bricks and BCA)
    » mortars and adhesives
    » thermal insulating materials (tests on polystyrene and mineral wool)
    » mineral aggregates for concrete, bituminous mixtures, roads and railways
    » natural aggregates, rockfills, natural stone products
    » raw materials (carbonate determination, carbon dioxide determination, etc)
  • Technical approvals
  • Research, development and innovation
  • Consultancy - technical assistance
  • Expertise and audits in the field of building materials
  • Consultancy in quality, environment, health and safety management

National coverage 1st grade laboratories:
Bucharest - Cluj - Timisoara

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Counceling - Development - Innovation

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Consultancy - Technical assistance

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