• Testing laboratory approved Tier ISC, RENAR, skills for issuing technical approvals, certificates for activities research and product development in construction.
  • National coverage 1st grade laboratories:

The research activity carried out in the specialized laboratories during the 60 years of existence led to the production of more than 50 new materials and the acquisition of more than 60 patents.

SC Procema Cercetare SRL owns the only laboratory in Romania having a RENAR accreditation for "Tests on concrete pillars for overhead lines"!


  • Was the sole producer of synthetic fused refractories, ceramic fibres and ceramic fibre products, refractory mortars for glass furnaces and pearl stone in Romania.
  • Is the designer of the production technologies for the construction products as well as the existing capacities.
  • Between 1972-2005 edited quarterly "Revista Romana de Materiale"/"The Romanian Magasine for Materials" a new series of the "Materiale de Constructii"/"Construction Materials", a bilingual scientific magasine on oxide materials with 36 years of continuous publication.

We are proud to be part of various important projects like:

- Catedrala Mantuirii Neamului - Procema Cercetare was requested to perform tests on the steel and brick samples used to build the Cathedral of the Nation in Bucharest.
- National Arena - our engineers have made physical-mechanical and chemical tests on aggregates samples for the construction of the National Arena in Bucharest.
- the Bucharest Metro, the M5 line - our specialists have made trials for concrete, steel and technical approvals for wall plating products and for soil treatment during excavations.
- The Basarab overpass - Procema Cercetare made the tests for cast concrete to build the Basarab passage in Bucharest.
- The Laser Magurele Platform - our professionals performed the technical approvals for the filling and waterproofing materials for the geothermal well drills used to build the Magurele platform.
- Also, we have carried out testing on concrete samples - for the construction of many assemblies of residence and office buildings (eg Aleea Privighetorilor, Bucharest - Ten Blocks Residence Bucharest, office building V Alexandri street, Bucharest , etc.) or for large works for HIDROELECTRICA SA, ISPH, etc.
We have worked on elements for fired clay masonry and ACC (autoclaved cellular concrete) for the most important organisms in the country, such as the Ministry of Regional Development. We are partners of the Oltenia Power Complex for conducting environmental chemical analyzes

Based on the Technical Agreements elaborated by Procema Cercetare, construction materials from all over the world can enter the Romanian market. Our specialists in the elaboration of Technical Agreements have developed various works such as "Ventilation Facade Fastening Systems" - Eurofox - for Eurofox Gmbh Austria, "B500B Ø8 ... Ø32 mm" - for Arcelormittal Zenica doo Bosnia Herzegovina, "TIFEL paints for indoor and outdoor painting" - for SC Tifel SRL Romania or "PE pipes for combustion gas systems" - work done for Texor - Hungary.